Who we are

Who Is The Photographer?

Artist. instead of an easel - a tripod. instead of brushes - a camera that transmits feelings and emotions in one shot. and one day opening the album, reviewing pictures in the minds memories begin to emerge, the same emotions that had been on the day of the shooting. And by the will of a smile appears on the face, and maybe even tears, tears of joy.

And you realize that there is something to show our grandchildren proudly saying, "it is me"  this site is a small part of my work, i want to show you. with each pair, with every man, i have shot, watching their emotions, feelings - i was feeling the same and tried to show these feelings in the photos. That is how i see this world. enjoy watching


Choose us?

Author's Workshop "Solar feeling"

Just one day of intense creativity that can change a lot in your perception of the world. A lot of bonuses, surprises, communication.


Real spring came! Lets get together for a picnic, while it is warm. Location - at the same place.


Creativity and development is necessary for all of us! How not to lose yourself in the flow of daily hassles and confusion of others.

Summer wedding workshop

An excellent opportunity to diversify your portfolio with bright and juicy photos.



  1. Photography has become an integral part of our lives. Agree, it is difficult sometimes to keep everything in memory only. Time is so fleeting. But it's nice to sit in the evening with loved ones, open the album and relive all of your important moments.
    "That's my birthday! Here are the first steps of our baby. Here, mother's priceless tears at my wedding." There are so many important events!
  2. We cooperate with my best friends and they are resl professionals. We will help you to keep all of them. We will find for you the correct angle. And do not even think to tell me that you 'inphotogenic’ or ‘has never photographed’
  3. No flash will replace a full-fledged studio lighting (although, in the studio with multiple external flashes, you can use the same lighting circuits). But it allows to obtain the correct flash-exposed shots with a lack of light in a sequential shooting - especially indoors. And also greatly gains at light enough, but incorrect, creates sharp  and unsightly shadows - for example, at bright summer day, or against backlight.




It happens that after a lot of time spent to apply the right makeup, selection of colors, clothes and suitable background the result is not as good as expected. And it seems the camera was set up as it should, and interesting background is selected, but the result is not what was expected. And sometimes, hastily we get brilliantly executed shots. Many people complain of being not photogenic, but it has no sense. Let's see how this science is comprehended by professional models.

We will change your idea of photography!